The Mandalu Giving Campaign Design Package

Your one-stop service to all the assets you need for a great-looking year-end giving campaign!

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 creative branding and marketing support

What is Mandalu Designs?

Mandalu Designs is here to help museums, educational organizations, and non-profits make the most of their reach through strategic branding and visual design.

 we love organizations that are working to educate and inspire

why should we work together?

You are a new organization that’s ready to start strong with a brand that your audience will love.

You are an established organization that needs a little design TLC.

You are a larger organization that’s gearing up for a new phase or event that you want to have a killer impact.

 full branding suite creation and graphic design services

How can Mandalu help your org?


full organization branding

full event/exhibition branding

branding update



business stationary






social media assets

newsletter template

presentation template

Let's work together to make something great!

 have graphic design that’s as good as the work you’re doing

The Mandalu Mission

You already #makegood in the world. Mandalu is here to help your museum or organization have branding that’s as good as the work you’re doing.