Below is a personal design exercise of creating an exhibition logo, or title wall design, for 27 different shows. Each real-life exhibition title featured was awarded Excellence in Exhibition by the American Alliance of Museums in 2019. 
Each design was created with a time limit of 1 hour. To create each exhibition logo, I followed the basic steps outlined in my process: research the exhibition, define a tone, establish an overall shape, refine type, and add visual elements when appropriate.
This title, "Prisons Today: Questions in the Age of Mass Incarceration" is all about space closing in on itself. The letters are kerned very tightly and lines on either side move closer together as they go inward, crowding the words. The title is set in a dark gray on a gray-white background.
The title is in a rounded font with the word "Pixar" appearing larger, at an angle, and with a shadow behind to signify the 3-D rendering of most Pixar projects. The title sits overlapping a white rectangle on a gold background.
"Sacred Journeys" incorporates two map pins connected with a dotted line to signify a journey. The National Geographic logo is featured prominently and is integrated into the design by color, each is displayed in black and yellow.
This title design, from an independent project, is set in English and Spanish on a photo of green and purple plants. The words, "Coast to Cactus in Souther California" and "De la Costa a los Cactus en el Sur de California" fit together with small rectangles to create two square shapes. Each title is separated by a gray horizontal line
"Our Living Languages: First Peoples' Voices in British Columbia" is shown in white on a gray, textured background. A white line above the text symbolizing sound waves or heart beats is seen extending from one side of the image to the other.
The words, "Dear Boston" appears in negative space left from multiple shoe prints in black. The words, "Messages from the Marathon Memorial" are centered in black under the shape the shoe prints make.
The words, "Living Seashore" appear in all caps and blue on a blown out photo of an ocean wave. A white, jagged edge shape cuts through the bottom of the word "Seashore."
An icon of a bee is centered in a yellow circle. Around the circle the words "nature," "lab," and two bold lines wrap in blue.
The words, "97 Orchard Street" curve above the words "Shop Life" in yellowed, serif font. The logo is mocked up on a photo of a glass window of a storefront.
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