a close up view of a ocean and the words nauti alert on it in a white - colored photo
The Prompt​​​​​​​
Nauticalert is a DAN certified waterfront first aid instruction course. Branding and brochure design should be clear and strong, while appealing to a range of audiences. Brochure is content heavy with all possible courses outlined and instructions on how to certify.
The Design​​​​​​​
I set the logo in a bold type then adjusted all corners to create a unified, wave appearance. I used the first aid cross and water droplet created by the “A” in the main logo to reinforce the industry and create a unique badge. The color palette relates to water, while keeping a fresh and unique look. I introduced diagonal lines to the brochure to create interest and lead the reader through all of the information.
This design is featured in The Best Water Logo Designs by DesignRush. 
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