The Mandalu Giving Campaign Design Package

Your one-stop service to all the assets you need for a great-looking year-end giving campaign!


Imagine having all the design assets you need for a great Year-End Giving Campaign without ever having to open a design program. 


You know your supporters and you know how important year-end giving is to your organization. You’ve got a great campaign in the works, but now you’ve got to get it in front of your supporters.

That means: 

  • how the heck to work in Photoshop?

  • or how to finesse a PowerPoint slide into a flyer?

  • and, wait, how do you save a file with a bleed to print?


All the design software and jargon standing between you and your amazing message can feel like the make or break it moment for your genius campaign. No one will respond if they don’t see your CTA or worse, it gets lost in all the requests flooding their inbox.


A successful Year-End Giving Campaign is a well-designed one


You want visuals that grab people’s attention and are easy to understand; all while instilling confidence that these contributions are going towards a competent and effective organization.


Basically, you want to look as good as the work you’re doing, and garner higher levels of support than ever.


This Package is the perfect fit for you if:

  • you are a museum or non-profit marketer that knows how to plan a great year-end giving campaign

  • you understand that good design is crucial to good communication

  • BUT you don’t have the design/tech savvy or the time to spend working to make your vision a reality

Included in The package:


Optional Add-Ons: 

  • Print Ad Design

  • Other Customization – have a really specific deliverable in mind? Let me know! I love finding out-of-the-box solutions to reach people in creative ways.

How it Works:

When you reach out for a quote, you will complete a short form to give any information that you have for your campaign.

You complete a short Inquiry Form 
(5 min) 

During the call, we will connect on your organization and get on the same page with your vision for this campaign.

We get on a Phone Call
(15-30 min)

If you are ready to move forward, an initial deposit is due to book your package. (50% of the final invoice)

You Book your Package 
(2-5 min)

This will act as a kind of road map or mood board for the project and ensure that everyone is on the same page. You will be able to review the brief and give any feedback before we move on.

You Get a Creative Brief 
(3 business days)


Two proofs are included in your package for your review and feedback. After you receive each proof, we will schedule a brief call to connect on edits and next steps.

You Approve the Creative Brief
and the Designing Begins!

You officially mark this off your to-do list and move on to finalizing your calendar and mailing list. After a celebratory cupcake, of course!

You Approve the Final Design

As soon as the remaining invoice is paid (50% of total), you will receive all designs and assets in your campaign, via WeTransfer, ready for print and posting!

All Files and Assets Delivered!

Package Base Price - $600

*package base price - does not include any add-ons or customization. If you have specific needs, reach out with more details for a custom quote!

Don’t be caught off-guard by the calendar

You know how fast the year goes by. Don’t wait to start planning for your year-end giving campaign!


2-4 weeks – Book Your Package
2+ weeks – At the Printer
1+ weeks – Posted to Mail

6-8+ Weeks – Campaign In Donors’ Hands



Hello! I'm Amanda, founder + designer of Mandalu Designs


I am a huge advocate for education and am passionate about supporting small (and large) organizations that are working to make the world a better place. My passion for design is a result of my passion for communication. I love the challenge of taking a big idea or message and finding the perfect visual solution to share it. 


Because of all this, 3 guiding principles rule at Mandalu:

1.    Dedication to Clear Communication

2.    Providing Effective/Practical Results

3.    Love of Learning