graphic design

Exhibition Design: Title Lockup 101

Your title lockup is most likely the first point of contact your audience will have to a new exhibition. It could be seen on a poster, an ad in a community paper, or on the title wall in your space. So it’s important that the design is clear, readable, and that it communicates the tone of the show. In this way, you can think of your title lockup as a kind of logo for your exhibition.

3 Reasons Visitors Photograph Museums + 3 Ideas to Engage Those Visitors

Why do people feel the need to photograph all their experiences? Rise of social media and the need to present a life well-lived are contributing factors to this action, for sure. But I believe there are also genuine impulses to explore the world around us by framing it and snapping a pic. It’s worth taking the time to think about how to engage with these impulses in museum spaces instead of ignoring or dismissing them.