Social Media Graphics - Clear Messaging That Looks Great

So you’ve invested a lot of time into your organization’s social media. You’ve connected with your audience and provided a place for them to gather information about what you’re doing and to interact with you and other followers.

Now there’s a new message that you want to communicate. It could be a new product or service you’re launching, an event that’s coming up, or a survey that will help you better serve your community. You want to make sure everyone knows about it and it needs a killer call to action so people can pre-order, reserve, RSVP, or respond.

Tapping into the community you’ve grown on social media is a no-brainer, but you want to be strategic and create a social media campaign your audience will respond to.

Once all your planning is in place, it’s time to create visuals that you can share. Keep the following in mind as you set out to create your graphics:

Who are you? 

Make sure it’s clear in your messaging and visuals about who this is coming from. Incorporate your existing branding with a jazzy new element. 

You want it to be consistent enough that parents will recognize it at a glance. It will take multiple points of exposure (rule of seven, anyone?) before people act on your message. But don’t be too repetitive - the worst thing that can happen to your message is for it to become white noise.

What is this? 

People might not click or search to see all of your information. Think of a way with photography, graphics, or titles to be clear about what your message is.

Don’t create clutter!

Graphics shared on social media are great and have a higher rate of engagement that text only posts. However, be strategic and minimal. Less is more. Clarity is key. This is where a good designer can be an essential resource.

Where is your audience? 

Focus on the digital platforms your audience uses. You don’t have to hit every platform, but take advantage of different spaces. Remember, we’re trying to get this info in front of them multiple times.

Don’t forget about responsive design! 

This is where it’s necessary to do some research. There are as many devices as platforms now - and vice-versa. So be sure your graphics are going to resize correctly no matter how someone sees it. Online spaces are constantly changing their guidelines as well. So the dimensions you used last quarter might not be correct anymore. This is another example of the expertise a designer can provide you.


Don’t let your great planning go to waste! With a clear, well-designed social media campaign, your audience will remember your message and be more likely to answer your call to action. Working with a designer can make this process painless.

To give an example of what great social media campaign graphics can look like, I came up with my DREAM youth, day-camp: Science + Art.

This would be a program to explore the ways art-making utilizes scientific methods and how science impacts how art is made. Kids can learn about topics like the physics in photography, biology in color theory, and chemistry in painting. The dream kid-experience, right?

The make a campaign out of this idea, I have a main graphic that the museum could use to promote their camp, along with a couple photos of kids to show who this is for. Then I began a series that would share facts and questions about topics kids can expect to encounter at the camp. 

Using these same visual elements across a variety of social media platforms enhances the reach of the camp. It’s also a great way to tease new information and get kids excited about coming.

Facebook Event Page

Facebook Event Page

In-Stream Photo Tweet

In-Stream Photo Tweet

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Instagram Post

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Instagram Story