Social Media Campaign Graphic Design

Social Media Campaign Graphic Design

Don’t let your great planning go to waste! With a clear, well-designed social media campaign, your audience will remember your message and be more likely to answer your call to action.


To give an example of what great social media campaign graphics can look like, I designed my DREAM youth, day-camp: Science + Art; a program to explore the ways art-making utilizes scientific methods and how science impacts how art is made. Kids would learn about topics like the physics in photography, biology in color theory, and chemistry in painting.


To make a campaign of graphics for social media, I began with a basic layout that was repeated with different assets. As you can see, a consistent color palette each image. The CTA is clear and in a bright, contrasting color. Images were chosen to highlight who the camp is for as well as explore the camp's theme. I added graphics that share topics kids would expect to encounter at the camp to further break up monotony and provide some contextual interest.

Social Media Campaign Graphic Design

Get all the assets you need to create branded social media images for your organization when you book a Mandalu Branding Package. Each package comes with 5 ready-to-publish images as well as assets for future images and campaigns.


This branding package is perfect for:

Organizations - new and old

Exhibitions - get all of your advertising ready at the outset

Events - one-off and recurring


What’s included in your branding package:

  • one comprehensive brand identity concept

  • 2 logo variations (primary + secondary)

  • typeface recommendations

  • color palette

  • 5 digital images to be used on social media, email template, and website

  • 3 collateral designs of your choice

See the full branding package to know if this is the right fit for you. If it is, reach out today to book your package!

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