4 Things Your Business Stationary Needs

Business stationary is sometimes your first impression. Make sure it's a great one with custom design.

One element of your branding that's easy to overlook is your stationary. Even though we are way past entering the digital age, having impressive, professional, and cohesive stationary is an underrated key to making a good impression. 

Stationary can be as simple as a business card and some letterhead, or it can include envelopes, thank you cards, stickers, return address labels, or notecards. Taking a little bit of time to create custom stationary will ensure your organization looks professional and competent for years to come.


business stationary should include

1. Contact

This is a given. Be strategic about what contact you are listing. Ideally, your organization is easy to find online if someone needs more information or wants to connect on social media. So your stationary should only have the most relevant and useful pieces of contact info. Office number, general email, and address.

2. Branding

Everything that comes from your organization should be immediately recognizable. Be sure your colors, fonts, and style are consistent on any stationary you use. It's all working to build subconscious connections between your org and success.

3. Social Media

I'm not a huge fan of listing all your social media on your stationary. If your online presence is set up correctly, finding you across various platforms should be easy. However, if you are very active on a platform or want to grow your following, you could display icons so people know to look you up. DON'T list every url. It's repetitive and unnecessary.

4. Catchphrase/Personalization

If it suits your organization, incorporate your mission statement or catchphrase into your stationary. To be clear - this is not the place for an inspirational quote or witty - but irrelevant - motto. This is a chance to emphasize who you are and what you do. Remember to keep it short and sweet.


Where to print your business stationary

I am a huge advocate of forming relationships with local printers. They can be a helpful resource to make sure your files are properly prepared, suggest the best paper choices, and provide more tricks of the trade that will help you stand out and look great. And once you print your organization's stationary once with a local printer, reorders are a breeze.

But if a local print shop is not an option for you, there are some great online services to consider. I've used the ones listed below for personal projects and client work and have never been disappointed.*


Very simple to navigate and streamlined process

Specializes in stationary items
Offers some deluxe options that don't break the bank

A designer's friend - similar set up to working directly with a printer
Tons of options for size, paper, binding, and folds


Hire a designer

As always, working with a designer can take all of the stress out of this process for you. From designing to printing, you'll be at ease knowing this very little - but very important - aspect of your branding is complete and looks great.



*Not affiliated links or sponsors. I just really love these services.