Case Study: Mandalu Designs


I wanted to take time to share some thoughts on creating the Mandalu Brand. Here is a brief overview of where my head was at and what my process looks like.

Key Words

Clean Design

Communication is king for Mandalu. Whatever you want to say, I'm here to discover and create the best way to say it.

Bright & Cheerful

I knew I wanted to use yellow for Mandalu. It's happy, bright, and a color that's not over-used in design. (being able to show my Hufflepuff pride was just a bonus, I swear)


The Mandalu website exists to 1. explain the services offered and give a way to connect, and 2. displaying and celebrating client work. So I wanted a home base that was exciting and simple to understand as well as one that's able to take a back seat to other work.



Inspiration Scrap




The Final Design