4 Steps to a Successful Year-End Giving Campaign


Your end of the year giving is a huge draw for your fundraising and a great way for your members and patrons to show their support. Many organizations receive the majority of their annual financial donation between October and December. [source]


So, it’s important that you are intentional with your year-end request. Below are 4 steps to engage your existing supporters and capture potential contributors with your Year-End Giving Campaign. 


4 Steps to a Successful Year-End Giving Campaign


1.    Clear Communication

Presenting a clear and concise message is vital. Think strategically: what’s worked in the past? Who are you not reaching? Be sure your call to action is clear and simple.

Above all, your campaign should answer:

  • Who you are and what you do? Language is very important, but don’t feel the pressure to reinvent the wheel. Use language or narratives that your audience will recognize and associate with your organization.

  • What you are asking for and what difference will it make? Be clear about what kind of support your asking for and what this money will be used for. If you can quantify it with a tangible item, like a program or physical object, all the better.


2.    Good Design

A well-designed campaign will not only make your organization look its best, it will make your message stand out. Imagery and graphics can help explain your mission and benefits. Type hierarchy can outline exactly what your supporters need to know and emphasize your call to action. Remember to keep it simple and clear. 


Be sure to check out 3 Tips for a Well-Designed Year-End Giving Campaign for more help in designing a great campaign.


Want the whole design process off your plate? The Mandalu Year-End Giving Campaign Package was created to take away the stress of designing your campaign and leave you with all the assets you need to implement a great strategy


3.    Easy to Give

Creating a system or checklist for ways to get involved in your organization is a great way to help your supporters feel invested in what you are doing and provide ongoing help. But a year-end campaign is not the time to do that. Your CTA should be clear and simple and the action you are calling to take should also be simple.


Automation and online giving is a huge development in recent years. It’s easy for people to click through and can help those last-minute, New Year’s Eve givers. Do not only rely on paper checks or phone calls anymore.


Automated giving also opens up more possibilities for ongoing financial support by including options to give every month or year. Embrace the subscription trend. It’s easy for people to understand and respond to.


4.    Benefits and Follow-Up

Aside from the tax credit and good feelings of knowing they are supporting you, what is something you can offer your supporters? Make it simple to understand and clear in your messaging. 


Possible benefits to offer: Free admission beyond membership, premiere access to an upcoming event or program, enrollment in annual reporting. Get creative. Is there a one-off gift you could produce or give as a benefit?


How do you further engage your supporters? Now that they have invested in what you’re doing, provide ways to engage further. Do you have an advocate or volunteer program? How can they share their support on social media? If they are local to your community, what program or event could they be a part of to help in person?


Don’t wait to start planning

Your organization’s year-end giving is a huge task that can reap huge rewards. Being intentional about your plan and design can help potential supporters easily give and get involved in the work you are doing. 


Don’t wait till the last minute to plan! And if what you dread most is trying to navigate design software and hassle with printing specs, let Mandalu help take the design-portion off your plate.