What is Branding?

Your branding is your organization’s voice. It’s how your audience and supporters recognize you everywhere - online, in print, and in your space.


What is the Mandalu Branding Package?

This package will provide you with all the assets you need to implement clear and engaging branding everywhere you have a presence. Rest easy knowing the designing is off your to-do list and your organization will look as good as the work you’re doing.


This Package is perfect for:

Organizations - new and old
Exhibitions - get all of your advertising ready at the outset!
Events - one-off and recurring

What’s included in your package:

- one comprehensive brand identity concept
- 2 logo variations (primary + secondary)
- typeface recommendations
- color palette
- pattern design
- social media images
- 3 collateral designs of your choice


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During the call, we will connect on your organization and get on the same page with your vision for your organization’s brand.

Step 3: Based on your information, I will be in touch to let you know if this package is right for you and what the next steps are. Or I will guide you to another solution, if there is a better service that meet your needs.


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