These 3 guiding principles are the foundation for everything Mandalu:

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Dedication to Clear Communication

Working with third party services can be an endless game of phone tag and read receipts. My biggest priority is ensuring clear communication between Mandalu and its clients. Our processes are designed to ensure you never need guess where we are at or what step is next in the project.

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Providing Effective + Practical Results

Design is problem-solving – and there are endless solutions to every problem. Finding the best one for you is my goal; whether that’s creating custom, one-of-a kind marketing pieces, or creating a custom template you can edit and update as needed. I want you to look your best and walk away with assets and tools that will make your work easier.

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Love of Learning

I am passionate about helping people learn. I believe that by interacting with stories different than our own and with new ideas, we then have better tools to make the world a better place.



Packaged Services are available for all-in-one solutions. I’m also available for any custom or one-off need an organization may have. If you know exactly what you want or if you’re not sure where to start, reach out today for a free consultation or quote. I would love to learn about the great work your organization is doing!




I’m the graphic designer behind Mandalu Designs.

My Museum Story

The first experience I remember in a Museum was going to Art Camp when I was 10 years old. I was so fortunate to have educators at that camp that were interested in stirring our young creative impulses and wanted to give us a better understanding of the “how.” We took pictures with disposable cameras around the city and learned how light on film works. We built lanterns out of dowel rods and tissue paper to learn about structure and engineering. We threw small objects on light sensitive paper to study shapes and learn about chemical reactions. That art camp opened the whole world of creative possibilities and an eagerness to learn more about the world around me.


My first time working in a museum setting was when I volunteered with my states Natural History Museum. Because I have a SCUBA certification, I was able to get in the fish tanks and terrarium to clean, feed, and help visitors learn about the wildlife that lives all over Mississippi. Since then I have volunteered and worked part-time in more galleries, always working to create an optimal visitor experience.  


My Design Story

I stumbled into graphic design almost by accident. I knew I wanted to do something with story-telling or education and felt that starting with a good understanding of visual art would be best. I had planned to study video editing and work with documentary film-making. My college advisor encouraged me to take a handful more classes and finish with a full BFA in graphic design. Once I began learning the formality of design everything fell into place. 


Studying Graphic Design, I began to see how my Type A personality and dedication to helping others understand the world all began to work together with my creative impulses instead of in opposition.


The Mandalu Story

Over the years, I have worked in a variety of marketing departments including a large corporation, a tech start-up, and a museum. When I first moved to Los Angeles in 2015, I kept encountering organizations that are doing amazing things, but just didn’t have a need for a full-time designer.

So I created Mandalu to try and hit that sweet spot; organizations that may want to invest in a strong campaign but don’t need year-round help and marketers who don’t have time to learn design programs or struggle with templates with everything else they are juggling.